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CCW Application Procedures

  1. The applicant must first obtain the twelve (12) hours of weapons proficiency training as required by the new law. (Check with local sporting goods stores, gun clubs etc). NOT OFFERED BY THE COLUMBIANA  COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE.
  2. Insure the instructors offering the weapons training have a certificate of training from the National Rifle Association or the Ohio Police Officer Training Academy and are certified as instructors to teach firearms training. Ask to see their credentials and certification.
  3. If you are a retired law enforcement officer there will be no charge but you must fill in the application and provide proof of retirement.
  4. If you are active duty military we will try to process your application on the same day or by the next day.  The requirements for active duty is to provide the application along with a copy of your current active duty military ID.  Also if you are retired military within 6 yrs we can process your application as long as you provide us a copy of your DD214
  5. Upon successful completion of the training and receipt of a firearm's training certificate from the training entity, the applicant must obtain a "CCW APPLICATION FORM" and the "OHIO CONCEALED CARRY LAW PAMPHLET" as prepared by the Ohio Attorney General's Office. The forms should be made available to you where you obtained your weapons training or on line at or  The application forms and pamphlets will also be available in the lobby of the Columbiana County Sheriff's Civil Office.
  6. The Columbiana County Sheriff's Office will process applications and fingerprinting Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. at the Columbiana County Sheriff's Office Criminal Division located at the Columbiana County Jail Complex 8473 County Home Road Lisbon, OH.  No Thursday processing. No appointment is necessary. Then you will wait one week for the background check and then appear at the Criminal Division of the Columbiana County Sheriff’s Office again for issuance of the license.
  7. The applicant must have the following items when coming to the Columbiana  County Sheriff's Office to process their application for a Carrying Concealed Weapons Permit:
    a) Their completed application form
    b) Copy of their firearms training certificate
    c) Passport size color photo taken within the last thirty-days
    d) One of the following methods of payment for the NON-REFUNDABLE APPLICATION FEE:
        1) Money Order
        2) Cash - Exact
  8. Fingerprints will be obtained through the Web Check System and sent electronically to the Bureau of Criminal Investigation & Identification for a background check
Any questions anyone may have concerning the Carrying Concealed Weapons law or applying for a "TEMPORARY EMERGENCY PERMIT" can be directed to the Sheriff's Office by either emailing or by phoning the Sheriff's Office at 330-424-1104.