Columbiana County Sheriff's Office                                      (330) 424-7255

Administrative and Civil Office


The Columbiana County Sheriff's Administrative and Civil Office is located at the Courthouse in Lisbon, Ohio.
Both offices are located in the basement of the Courthouse, and the working hours are

Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
These offices can be reached by calling
(330) 424-1104
(330) 424-9519.

The Administrative and Civil Office is comprised of an Administrative Assistant, Technical Typists and Account Clerk. The Civil Division takes care of all Order of Sales due to bank foreclosures and Delinquent Land Tax. Properties are appraised, advertised, and sold by the sheriff. All current sales pending information can be found on the website or anyone can stop in the office for a copy of the sheriff sale list. The Civil Division is also responsible for all Writ of Executions, service of papers, and court orders issued by the courts.

The Administrative Office working along with the Civil Office are responsible for processing subpoenas, summons, warrants, and court orders. Payroll for all employees, personnel records, vacation and sick leave is also maintained by the Administrative Office. Fees for court services are collected from all courts and sheriff sales are disbursed.

We maintain all reports taken by the Sheriff’s Office. Copies of incident reports area available upon request. Please call or stop in the office to obtain a copy of the reports.


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