Columbiana County Sheriff's Office                                      (330) 424-7255

Road Patrol


The Patrol Division of the Columbiana County Sheriff’s Office remains the most visible element of the Sheriff’s Office. This division is serving the county in an approach to solving and enforcement of crimes and laws.

Working together with citizens on fighting crimes, the Patrol Division is responsible for traffic enforcement, responding to complaints and service, safeguarding property, investigating crimes and responding to accidents.

The Patrol Division is responsible for patrolling 532 square miles of Columbiana County with 24 sworn deputies. Along with reserve deputies that assist when needed on a voluntary basis. Deputies are also responsible for transporting prisoners to and from prisons in the United States.

Patrol Deputies also service the courts of Columbiana County by transporting prisoners to and from the jail for court appearances, and service of civil papers working with the civil division. Along with these duties’ deputies are responsible for serving arrest warrants, subpoenas, summons and other legal notices issued by the courts.

The Columbiana County Sheriff’s Office also has officers and medics who function as members of the Regional Multi-County Special Response Team (SRT) serving high risk warrants, drug raids, barricaded subjects, and hostage rescue. Deputies are trained in rappelling, gas, vehicle assaults, CQB, bus assaults, VIP protection, victim rescue and other special weapons and training.

The Patrol Division will provide assistance to neighboring counties and cities as may be needed for events or manpower along with cities and villages inside the county, when the call is needed.

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